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For over 38 years, we have helped entrepreneurs transform complex situations into a streamlined and efficient operation.



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The Golden State where every small business has the highest opportunity to purchase a property for their flourishing business.
We put our customers and business partners first and strive to secure their loyalty through the highest quality of service. We accomplish this in large part by valuing our employees and give them the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
We are relentlessly committed to provide small business low cost, 90% commercial real estate financing, delivered with the highest level of service, technical expertise and integrity to our customers and lending partners.

Every month the SBA releases a new 504 interest rate.

Current Rate is…

November 2015, 20-Year: 4.78%


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Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.49.07 PMAt Landmark our SBA 504 loans provide a four way win. Click Here to find out how.






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